Faculty 2013

Meet the world-class faculty during the 2013 Writers’ Conference.
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Bea Aaronson: Daily Workshops:  Beyond Boundaries: weird and wonderful writing and  Rabelais’s Gargantua Pantagruel: the subversive power of laughter

Merridith Allen: Daily Workshop: Defining Moments: the playwright’s foundation and Writing Intensive:  The Playwright’s Toolbox

Nina Amir: Daily Workshop: How to Blog Your Way to a Book Deal and Writing Intensive: How to Successfully Tackle Social Media (Even When You’d Really Rather Be Writing)

Araceli ArdónDaily Workshop: Poesía mexicana del siglo XX

Beatriz Badikian-Gartler, Ph.D: Daily Workshop: Crafting Stories from Real Life

Rosa Beltrán: Daily Workshop:  Efectos Secundarios: escribir y leer novela

Susan Sutliff BrownDaily Workshop: The Art of the Double Perspective in Fiction and Writing Intensive:  Stealing from the Masters: beyond the basics—improve your writing by pilfering from the experts.  Moderator, Panel of Agents

Yvonne Daley: Daily Workshops:  Place is More than Locale and Grace Paley: Writer, mother, activist, mentor, and her works

Laura Davis: Daily Workshop:  Five Secrets to Successfully Writing about Things That You Don’t Remember and Writing Intensive: From Memory to Memoir: crafting personal stories that are vivid, compelling, and true

Hollye Dexter: Panel:  Women Write Their Lives

Samantha Dunn: Panel:  Women Write Their Lives

April Eberhardt: Panel:  Literary Agents

Amy Ferris: Panel:  Women Write Their Lives

Kate Fowler: Daily Workshop:  Ninja Marketing for Writers: create your own video book trailer

Aysha Griffin: Daily Workshop: Market Your Book With Love

Sandra Gulland: Daily Workshop:  Internet Book Promotion for Luddites

Jorge F. Hernández: Daily Workshop: Taller intensivo: Puro Cuento

Judyth Hill: Daily Workshops:  Wild Writing: The dharma of poetry and  Dancing In, Drinking in, Drenched In–Poetry!

Lawrence Hill: Keynote Speaker:  The Merging of Fiction

Miranda Hill: Daily Workshop: Imaginary Intersections: building Canada’s national literature with Project Bookmark Canada

Monica Holloway: Panel:  Women Write Their Lives

Kathleen Hudson: Daily Workshop:  Creativity and The Power of Stories

Claire Joysmith: Daily Workshop: Unexpected Transcultural Writing Strategies: to translate or not to translate

Martin Keogh: Daily Workshop: Visceral Words: writing from the body

E. E. King: Daily Workshop:  Improvisational Writing: techniques to break writer’s block

Jeff Kleinman: Panel:  Literary Agents

Eva Langston: Daily Workshop:  Getting Published by Literary Magazines

Suzanne Braun Levine: Panel:  Women Write Their Lives

Robert Levine: Daily Workshop: The E-Book Revolution and How E-Publishing Affects You

Donna Masini: Daily Workshop:  Breaking Lines/Breaking Habits and Writing Intensive:  Poems: draft by draft and Keynote Speaker:  Reading New Poems, Old Poems, and Paragraphs

Fabrizio Mejía Madrid: Daily Workshop:  Crónica: El arte de los hechos

Lucinda McDermott: Daily Workshop:  From Page to Stage:  adapting your writing for the stage and Live Performance:  Georgia O’Keefe; Live Performance of O’Keeffe!

Dinty Moore: Daily Workshop: Finding Your True Voice and Writing Intensive: Creative Nonfiction: compelling writing about people and places and Featured Speaker:  Conference Wrap-Up

Mary Morris: Featured Speaker:  Something to Declare

Penny Nelson:  Panel:  Literary Agents

Guadalupe Nettel: Daily Workshop:  Autobiografía

ZZ Packer: Daily Workshop: Voice in Fiction:  how do words leap off the page and become sound? and Writing Intensive: What Does Your Reader Want? and  Featured Speaker: Writing and Consciousness

Leslie Hall Pinder: Daily Workshop:  Can a Writer Have Friends?

Pit Pinegar: Daily Workshop: Energy and Words

Susan Piver: When You Fear What You Love: The Dharma of the Writing Life

Elizabeth Powell: Daily Workshop:  Assembling Your Poetry Manuscript

Guillermo Quijas-Corzo: Daily Workshop:  Charla con la Editorial Almadía

Irene Rawlings: Daily Workshop:  Book Marketing Strategies

Ray Rhamey: Daily Workshop:  Crafting Killer Description and Dialogue Scenes

Carmen Rioja: Daily Workshop:  El fundamento esencial de la literatura: El planteamiento del conflict

Carmen Rodríguez : Daily Workshop:  Echo Writing: from emulation to creation

Elizabeth Rosner: Daily Workshop:  Writing Your Way Home:  how to discover your material and how your material discovers you

Andy Ross: Panel:  Literary Agents

Wyman Rousseau: Daily Workshop:  Haiku Mindfulness

Mark Saunders: Daily Workshop:  Oedipus and Hamlet Walk Into a Bar: punch up your writing with humor

Michael K. Schuessler: Daily Workshop:  Subject as Archive and Archive as Subject: writing biography in Mexico

Jacqueline Sheehan: Daily Workshop:  The Psychology of Strong Characters

Merilyn Simonds: Daily Workshop:  The Guilty Pleasures of Reading

Sharon Solwitz: Daily Workshop:  Voice in Fiction

Teresa Stack: Panel:  Women Write Their Lives

Cheryl Strayed: Keynote Speaker:  Writing From the Wild Place

Marly Swick: Daily Workshop: Going Into Detail:  how to get going and keep going

Tracy J. Thomas: Daily Workshop:  Dominating Social Media: how to market yourself to the masses

Duncan Tonatiuh: Daily Workshop:  Writing for Children: the picture book

Luis Alberto Urrea: Keynote Speaker:  Universal Borders: from Tijuana to the world

Juan Villoro: Keynote Speaker:  Apocalypse Later: living and writing in Mexico City

Stephanie Bennett Vogt: Daily Workshop:  From Rejection to Redemption: build a platform that will get you noticed and open doors

Mary Katherine Wainwright: Daily Workshops:  Reading Like a Writer and Mark Twain and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Brooke Warner: Daily Workshop: Your Outline: the gift that keeps on giving

Tawni Waters: Travel Writing (Travel Writing that Takes you Places)