Donna Masini

Featured Speaker: Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013; 1:30 – 3:00pm, Hotel Real de Minas.

New poems, old poems, paragraphs: Masini will read poems , new and old, as well as “favorite paragraphs” from her new novel, The Good Enough Mother.

All Speaker Events are bilingual, included in Conference Packages, and available for Individual Ticket purchase.

Full-day Workshop: Poems: Draft by Draft
February 18, 2013 (9am – 5pm)

In this intensive we’ll spend the day working with a series of experiments and exercises meant to generate the beginnings of poems and find ways to take these beginnings through a series of drafts.  We’ll focus first on locating the raw energies in the original draft, then explore how language, image, syntax, etc. lead us deeper into the poem.

We’ll see what happens when we approach the revision process through the “lens” of a cinematographer or film editor. We’ll look briefly at specific revisions of poets including Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Hayden, Blake, Yeats, Plath.

Participants will have the opportunity to read pieces and revisions throughout the day and will come away from the workshop not only with drafts and revisions, but with a better sense of their own revision process, ways into the imagination and things to try when “you just feel stuck.”

All writers should bring to the workshop a poem of someone else’s that they love and, this is optional,  a poem of their own which they’re excited about but don’t know where to take next.

90 Minute Workshop, Session #403: Friday, February 15  11:00am – 12:30pm

Breaking Lines/ Breaking Habits. 

What are your habits as a writer?  If you can say “my poems always . . . ” ( eg. are in first person, are in present tense, use short lines, are personal, are political), then this workshop is an opportunity to see what happens when you try something new.

We’ll do a few brief exercises to help us move out of the familiar and generate drafts of new poems.  Participants are encouraged to bring in a draft of one of their own poems to get us started. This can be an early draft or bit of writing you’re not quite sure how to re-enter.

San Miguel Writers' Conference - Donna MasiniDonna Masini is the author of two collections of poems – Turning to Fiction ( W.W. Norton and Co. 2004), and That Kind of Danger (Beacon Press, 1994), which was selected by  Mona Van Duyn for the Barnard Women Poet’s Prize — and a novel,  About Yvonne, (WW Norton and Co.  1998.)

Her  poems have appeared in journals and anthologies including American Poetry Review, Open City, TriQuarterly, the Paris Review, KGB BAR Book of Poems, Parnassus, Boulevard, Lyric, et al

A  recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship,  New York Foundation for the Arts Grant, a Pushcart Prize, et al, she is a Professor of English at Hunter College where she teaches in  the MFA Creative Writing program.

She lives in New York City and has just finished a new novel, The Good Enough Mother.