Individual Consultations

Individual Consultations with Seasoned Professionals During the Conference

Some members of our world-class faculty are offering you the opportunity to work with them in an individual session on your personal project.

Consultations are available only to Conference registrants.
To make an appointment for an individual consultation during the Conference, e-mail our Services Coordinator, Carole Schor: Please tell Carole:

• the person with whom you would like an appointment.

• whether you prefer an hour or a half hour, if there is a choice.

• whether you plan to register for an Intensive workshop on Monday, February 18, 2013.

Carole will inform you by e-mail of your appointment time. At that time, you will meet your consultant at the “Individual Consultations” desk in the lobby.

You’ll pay your consultant directly at the time of your appointment. Please bring sufficient cash (dollars preferred) or your check book.

You may still make an appointment at the Conference itself if any appointment times remain, although please note that some consultants need to see your manuscript before the Conference.


Amy Ferris and Hollye Dexter

Truth is what resonates with a reader. It’s what makes a story compelling, and leads the reader to trust you, the narrator. Writing your truth frees you to write authentically and fearlessly. Amy and Hollye, both authors of memoirs, and editors of the new anthology, Dancing at the Shame Prom, have a gift for finding the gem of truth in a story. Together, they will work with you to polish that gem and make your essay or memoir shine.

Please email up to ten pages before the conference, to and

Half hour: $45
Full hour: $60


With Merridith Allen

For participants who have written a theatrical script, outline, or treatment (or who are perhaps somewhere in the middle of their process and would like professional feedback), I will review your work, and offer suggestions as to how to shape up the piece.  We’ll discuss dramatic structure, character arc, dialogue, etc. as it applies to your play.  Please e-mail me the script at least a week beforehand to [] in a word or pdf file.  Also prepare a short list of questions about your script, specifying which areas you believe may need work or where you are having trouble.

30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes:  $60


With Nina Amir

During this consult, I will provide guidance on content plans for an author’s blog, blogging to promote a book, blogging a book, feedback on a specific blog (please bring your Laptop and/or screen shots of the blog and its different pages), repurposing blog content into a book, blog promotion strategies, time management for bloggers, etc. If you have a question about blogging, blogging books, booking blogs, building a business around your book using a blog, or promoting yourself as an author with a blog—or anything related to these topics, this consult will offer you the answers you seek.

30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes:  $75


With Susan Sutliff Brown

Editorial consultant and book doctor Susan Brown will provide a one-on-one verbal critique on the content, organization, and style of either your memoir or fiction.  Please forward 25 pages or fewer of a draft or manuscript in a Word attachment to []  at least two weeks prior to the conference.

60 minutes:  $75

Paola Tinoco García

Entrevistas individuales con Paola Tinoco, experta en el ramo editorial. Pide una cita con Paola para hablar de distribución de libros, edición, promoción de libros, revisión de textos para oferta en editoriales, etc.

Paola Tinoco García (Ciudad de México, 1974) es escritora, editora y socióloga. Actualmente es representante en México de las editoriales españolas Anagrama, Siruela, Acantilado, RBA y Axial. Directora de difusión y prensa de la distribuidora de editoriales españolas Colofón y coordinadora del área de coediciones de las editoriales Axial y Colofón.

Ha publicado cuentos, crónicas y entrevistas en Revista 1.9.2., Milenio Diario, 24 horas, Replicante, Playboy, la Gaceta del Fondo de Cultura Económica, Luvina, Revista DF por Travesias y es columnista de la revista Marvin. Finalista del concurso “Mano de obra” convocado por el Instituto de Comunicación y Cultura de Oaxaca S.C. Editora y compiladora de las antologías de cuento latinoamericano De lengua me como un cuento (2009), publicada por Axial, Cuentos desde el cerro de la silla (2010), publicado por Anagrama y la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Más de lo que te imaginas, cuentos perversos (2012) publicada por Cal y arena. Sus cuentos han sido incluidos en diversas compilaciones. Oficios ejemplares, publicado por Páginas de espuma, es su primer libro. @paolatinoco

Costo por entrevista

30 minutos $300 pesos

1 hora $500 pesos


With Samantha Dunn

Read a great writer and you’ll feel the resonance of voice –it’s the added dimension of power that can’t quite be explained by mere talent. But what is “voice” and how do you find yours? This consultation aims to examine key issues in your work, explore the language unique to your writing self, and help you create an involving storyline out of life experience.  Please submit a hard copy of up to 35 pages of your manuscript upon enrolling at the Faculty Information Desk.

30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes:  $60


With Judyth Hill

Let’s co-create, design, and plan your Poetry Dream project!  YOUR book: all the way to giving Readings, book in hand!  We’ll look at your collection together, and create a step-by-step plan.

I can also, by email, continue to support you in your process, all the way, in every way!

I have taken many poets through the entire process of selecting and editing their poems, setting them into an organic, sensuous, and powerful order; suggesting appropriate publishers,

writing query letters, and choosing the best poems to include.

Then I gift you a blurb for your back cover! Let’s start NOW on your BOOK!

I will pre-read 5 poems for instant response when we meet. Email me, [].

30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes: $60


With Dinty W. Moore

One of the more difficult aspects of writing about the self is correctly locating the central story of a complicated life, the “invisible magnetic river” that makes for a coherent and active memoir. I am happy to review up to ten pages of your memoir essay ahead of time, or ten pages from the opening chapter (if your memoir is book length), and we will meet to discuss invisible rivers, coherent structure, and the power of a story.  Send the ten-page, double-spaced sample ahead of time along with any specific questions you might have about your project or ways  to approach the writing of memoir (  I am also happy to discuss possible approaches to your memoir even if you have not yet begun writing: just send me some questions  ahead of time and we’ll chat.

30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes:  $60


With Ray Rhamey

Critique of your narrative on how well it delivers the story experience through description, dialogue, action, and language. Send a chapter by email to [] before the conference, or bring 10-15 pages to the consultation (double-spaced, etc.)—might not read them all, but good to have.

30 minutes: $45


With Carmen Rodríguez

Have words been eluding you? Have you been dragging yourself through a poetic drought? This consultation may very well be what you need to inject new life into your writing.

Our one-hour session will consist of two parts:  First, I will guide you through a series of exercises designed to stimulate your creative talents, find the words that have been eluding you, and recover your voice. The result will be the production of between two and four new poems.

Then, you will have the opportunity to discuss your new poems with me, and receive respectful and constructive feedback.

60-minutes:  $60


With Jacqueline Sheehan

Jacqueline Sheehan will consult with writers on conceptual issues in a novel with a focus on strong characters, clear plot definition, and motivation. She will provide detailed feedback that often helps a writer view his or her work from a fresh angle. Please email maximum 15 pages of your manuscript prior to the conference to [].

30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes:  $60


With Sharon Solwitz

Sharon Solwitz offers two types of sessions:

1)      Whole-istic

She will discuss with the writer a completed draft of a short story or novel chapter no longer than 15 pages. The hour-long session will center on any and all facets of writing that can be usefully developed to make the piece more wonderful: structure, voice, character, setting, etc.

2)      Voice tutorial

This consultation will focus on a smaller portion of a manuscript, which can be as short as one or two pages, with intense concentration on the sentence level: voice, style, language

Please email your manuscript in advance to [].  You may also be able to leave manuscripts at the Faculty Information Desk two or three days before your appointment, and no less than the day before.

30-minute:  $45

60-minute: $60


With Tracy Thomas

In this consultation we will discuss your existing social media strategy, or your desire to develop one, and refine that strategy based on your personal goals.  You will receive guidance on how to build a successful network with a broad overview of the different social media platforms and how they can work together to bring you success.

60 minutes:  $60


With Brooke Warner

Brooke Warner has seen thousands of proposals over the course of her thirteen years in traditional publishing. In her one-on-one consultations she will give you straightforward and honest advice about how your proposal will land with agents and editors, and real tips for what to improve to get the attention of those agents and editors you want to take notice of your work. Brooke requests that you send her your full nonfiction proposal in advance of the consultation. If you are a fiction writer, you can send a pitch letter, chapter summaries, and the first thirty pages of your novel.  []

30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes: $60


With Tawni Vee Waters

Tawni will offer attendees a private, intensive critique of a travel article, essay, or book chapter.  During the consultation, she will discuss what is working about the manuscript as well as explore possibilities for improvement and publication ideas.  In addition to the verbal consultation, she will offer each attendee a written critique of the manuscript.  Any interested attendees should submit his or her manuscript in MS Word format prior to the session so that Tawni has time to give each piece the attention it deserves.  []

30 minutes:  $45