“The San Miguel Writer’s Conference was truly welcoming and packed with avid listeners. The best and most colourful parties! We were spoiled!” — Margaret Atwood

“I came away deeply changed and enriched, and with a great longing to come back.” – Sandra Cisneros

“The San Miguel Writers’ Conference is unique. Where else can writers from three countries rub shoulders and learn from each other? Utterly invigorating! The keynotes are profound, the instructors generous, the atmosphere an intoxicating mix of head’s-down professional and Mexican fun.” — Merilyn Simonds

“San Miguel Conference is one of the best literary gatherings in the Western Hemisphere. It is the perfect blend of local and international, from the classes, readings and panels to the fireworks, dancing and celebration under the stars. It rates multitudes of stars. The best.” Joy Harjo

“I loved the people I met, your writers community there in San Miguel, sharing book insights with the authors who came from around the world for your conference, and connecting with you and your team. I especially enjoyed our night out by the pool, under the stars,  on the final night.

Congratulations on the marvelous event you’ve organized in such an extraordinary and different environment: home of the bougainvilla, cobbled streets and heartfelt and heart led San Miguel Writers Conference.” – Sam Horn, professional speaker, author of Tongue Fu

Testimonials (take your pick – you see I was truly amazed by your conference):

“The San Miguel Writers Conference is a unparalleled encounter with the creative minds of all the Americas.”

“The most inspiring and beautiful literary conference I’ve ever attended.”

“The San Miguel Writers Conference stands alone in originality, inclusiveness and vision.” — Michael K. Schussler

“The San Miguel Writers Conference is truly a crossroads of literary excellence, creativity, imagination–and fun.  An extraordinary event in every way, in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.” — Kristen Iversen, Author: Full Body Burden: Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats

“I had the great pleasure to bring my comedy writing workshop to the San Miguel Writers’ Conference and it was a wonderful experience.  The conference co-ordinators and staff worked very hard to ensure that the conference was well planed, well organized and brilliantly executed.  They are also a very warm and welcoming group of people, all of whom, I am glad so say are now my friends.  The conference participants were also a welcome surprise.  The participants I met had a great deal of writing experience, asking intelligent and challenging questions and exhibiting a high degree of knowledge.  This allowed me to move the workshop faster and delve deeper than I had expected.  It sure kept me on my toes.   I highly recommend this conference as a wonderful atmosphere in which to explore and grow for students and teachers alike.

Plus it’s held in paradise!  So GO, already!” — Scotty Watson, Head of NYC Faculty, Artistic New Directions’ Improvised Theatre Workshops & Advanced Sketch Writing Teacher, The Second City NYC

“The San Miguel Writers’ Conference is one of the world’s most appealing literary gatherings.” John Berendt